Tips For Choosing A Motivational Speaker For Your High School

Posted on: 27 April 2017

If you are having an assembly that you want to draw additional interest to at your high school or if you want to generally pump your kids up at the beginning of the year to learn, you might be looking into educational motivational speakers. These speakers can increase the legitimacy of your event as well as really appeal to the kids that go to the high school. Here are some tips for choosing such a speaker so that he or she has maximum impact on the children that attend the school.

1. Look for a Speaker With a Similar Background to the Kids That You Teach

Your first step is to find a speaker that is going to be able to relate to the kids without any problem. This is going to increase his or her impact. For example, a speaker that comes from an upper class neighborhood and who hasn't really spent much time in the rougher, inner city areas, is not going to be able to relate to children that go to school in the inner city. The advice that he or she provides might be discounted unfairly. The students that attend your school might assume that it won't apply to them because the person giving the advice has vastly different life experiences than them. In order to avoid this problem and ensure that your speaker is relevant, get a speaker with a similar background to your students.

2. Look for a Speaker That Has an Achievable Success Story

Next, consider trying to find a speaker that is successful but maybe didn't do the greatest in school. Most of the kids that are at your school are likely going to be average performers. Having a speaker that was able to achieve success despite not getting a perfect GPA will be more helpful for a majority of students than a person that was successful solely due to the fact that he or she maintained a very high GPA. If you have a school with mostly high-achieving students, then go with a speaker that was similarly high-achieving in high school.

3. Look for a Local Celebrity

If possible, get a person that the kids know. The easiest way to do this is to look for people in the community that your kids live in that are local celebrities. This will allow you to make sure that the kids are excited about the speaker.

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